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Photoshop & Lightroom Differences

Hello friends,what are the differences between Photoshop & Lightroom
what a favored software for editing/image processing

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Lightroom is a software intended for photographers. It is also built in such a way that the process job begins to import the files from the camera, cataloging, sorting, processing (development) and export the images readiness - process effective work designed for photographers, and to work with a large amount of photographs. Also the process of adaptation and development speaks the language of photographers with the values of exposure, white balance, חיודוד and assorted filters and effects never the copy.

Photoshop however is software that is designed to works graphic at all, and not necessarily just image processing, is a software with a lot of capabilities and photographers are just a small part of

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Adobe has 3 programs that you can edit them stills.

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Thank you very much.I saw the matter of appointment ongoing pay-by-Web.
is it possible to purchase (not via subscription on the Internet) the Lightroom

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yes, there is an option to buy the Lightroom 6 only, with no subscription.

the price of the software - as-511 that report.

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